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                   Supporting Character Bios

 This page contains the bios of the strawhats allies and buddies through their journey.

Portgas D. Ace is Luffy's older brother and one of Whitebeard's Subordinates. Ace bumped in to Luffy in Arabasta while trying to look for Blackbeard. Like his brother, Ace is quick tempered and would attack anyone or anything to bring order. Ace is currently in Impel Down, but before then He was dating Conis while staying in Skypiea, He and Conis stayed with Buggy, and after he and Conis settled down in a village, where he finally faces Blackbeard and....won. After a few months, Conis went back to Skypiea and Ace (Behind Whitebeard's Back) went to hang with Buggy again and then he and Buggy was both where caught by the marines. 

Conis is a resident of Skypiea and Ace's girlfriend. Like most beautiful females in One Piece, She's in love with Luffy. Even though, She loves Ace, but it's hard for her to choose between the two. She was traveling with Ace for a few months, but went back to Skypiea. Her current status is unknown. 

Nojiko is Nami's step-sister who helped in the battle with Fisher Tsunami (Arlong). Nojiko is one of the many characters without a complete personality change. Nojiko is the only one not taken up by Luffy's charm. She is in love with Sanji and is hoping to have a long term relationship with him (Much to Sanji's dismay). Nojiko knows that Sanji is a lecture yet that is the part she likes about him the most. She waits for Sanji to call her, but sadly he never will.

 Kaya is a hemophiliac and Usopp's so called girlfriend. Kaya is one of the many characters without a complete personality change. She only became boyfriend and girlfriend with Usopp is because they lost their virginity to each other. Like every other beautiful girl, She's in love with Luffy (much to Usopp's dismay).  Kaya was asked by Usopp to join them in the journey as his pirate girlfriend, but she quickly refused until Luffy asked her to join then Usopp took his idea back and left her.

     Laboon the Emo Whale is a whale that Luffy and the gang met in their journey. Laboon hates the world and thinks of everyone as fools. Laboon used to be a happy go luck whale when Brook first met him, but after Brook and the rest of the Rumble Pirates left, Laboon became melancholy and soon became a gothic character. After meeting Luffy and Co., Laboon became happier yet still hates the world.

 Wiper is a drunken rebellion leader who sometimes doesn't know when to stop drinking. Laki has been trying to help him with Alcoholism, but at most points can't stop him from drinking. Wiper is an alcoholic and trying to become a recovering alcoholic. Other than using is bazooka, Wiper is known for mastering the fist of the drunken master. He starting to fall for Laki, but most of the Shandians thinks its the beer talking for him. 

 Camie is a hyper active mermaid who acts like she had nothing but Coffee, Candy, and raw sugar for the last 12 years. She talks so fast that you can understand her yet you still don't get what the crap she's talking about. She is always mistaken as Hatchan's wife, and in an embarrassed manner denies it. Like every other beautiful girl, She's in love with Luffy, and is the only female character that Luffy wants to see in the nude. Her catchphrase is OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! in a fast pace manner. People are afraid to give her anything with sugar because fear that would make 20x as annoying as she is now. 

 Might Guy the Star Fish (Pappug) is  Might Guy turned in to a starfish. While Might Guy was fishing one day, he met a beautiful sea witch that turned him to a starfish for being a pervert. Guy met Camie two months later and promised to help her become a fashion designer. Camie thinks of Guy as a pet and thinks that he is crazy because he keeps telling her that he is Human. Luffy and Zoro is the only ones to recognize him. He talks with Naruto voice clips and is voiced by Skip Stellrecht.

Vivi is the princess of Arabasta and a honorary Strawhat Pirate. Vivi is one of the many characters that doens't have a complete personality change. Vivi was with the strawhats for a good while and are good friends with them. Like every other beautiful girl, She's in love with Luffy. She has a problem of blankly stairing at people with a love-filled smile that she have a crush on, example: Luffy and Koza. She might have an appearance other than Episode Nine sooner or later.

Blackbeard is comic book loving pirate captain who is an Ex-Whitebeard Pirate. Marshall D. Teach is known for reading newspaper comics and DRINKIN' BEER~~~! His favorite comic strip is "The Peanuts" and is waiting for Charlie Brown to kill Lucy off the series. He was defeated by Ace in attempt to gain his bounty and to revenge his newspaper comics. He killed one of Whitebeard's crewmembers for making fun of him of reading newspaper comics. Blackbeard is Crocodile's replacement as a Shichibukai and is currently planning something big. 

Whitebeard is the ruler of the seas (not king of the pirates, he's ruler of the seas, there's a huge difference!). He is one of many characters without a complete personality change. Edward Newgate is an old drunkard that is almost as bad of a drinker than Wiper, if that is possible. Whitebeard has this weird accent that is a measure between a strong British accent and strong Japanese accent that sounds Chewbacca-ish. Many people find it hard to understand him yet most of his crew can including Ace and Teach. Shanks can also understand him as well, but they still don't really like each other.   

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