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                               Running Jokes

  • Everyone Hates Usopp - In Alternate World One Piece, Usopp is the biggest jerk in the face of the planet.  He picks on even people who would shove a tree down his throut. Usopp is also known by many psychics as the Master of Mind Rape. Usopp is the most hated character in the Strawhat crew and most feared.
  • Monkey D. Luffy the Player - In Alternate World One Piece, Luffy has tendency to say the right thing to beautiful women when he first meets them. By his comments, he can make any beautiful women fallen in love with him. Luffy doesn't really need to ask them for anything because they work head to toe to do it for him. Luffy doesn't really like the gift he has (Even though he's straight) because they just won't give him a moment of peace.
  • Roronoa Zoro the Rubben Studdard Fan - In Alternate World One Piece, Zoro is a big Rubben Studdard fan and also gains a great amount of power from hearing a Rubben Studdard song. Also, aims to kill anyone who makes fun of Studdard. Zoro's favorite song is What The Business Is by Rubben Studdard.
  • Sexual Jokes - One Piece is known for the most weirdest art style imaginable. So, why not throw a few sex jokes in! The series is kind of asking for it.
  • All Girls Wants Luffy - In Alternate World One Piece, All the beautiful or close to beautiful women all want Luffy. The girls who love him would do anything to have him...And I Mean ANYTHING! They would even have sex with the guy! Because Luffy isn't interested in love, he always turns them down. The only girl that isn't in love with Luffy is Nojiko because she's in love with Sanji.
  • Rob Lucci being mistaken as Broly - This should be obvious because they look the same, they are heartless killing machines, and they both have the same kind of past. Now, you see why people get confused between the two.
  • Every villian gets defeated by a certain kind of Music - The villians of one piece are defeated during a song that fits the moment. For example, Crocodile was beaten while They Don't Know by Jon B. played, and during the defeat of Fisher Tsunami (Arlong) Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park played.
  •  Everyone Owns A Shot Gun - This joke was expired by a scene from Undercover Brother when Dave Chappelle pulls a gun out of nowhere to kill Eddie Griffin. The Shot Gun in this series the most feared weapon in the series so far.
  • Breaking the 4th Wall - The fourth wall is broken a lot in the series. For Examples: In Episode 9, Crocodile talks about Luffy's entire crew up to Brook when Brook even Franky weren't even introduced in the story yet at that time. Also, Brook's play flashback clips gag.