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                   Gol D. Roger Clone Bios

The Bios of the Gol D. Roger Clones and everyone who has something to do with them.

Beelzeboss is the eldest of the clones and the first to be defeated by the strawhats. He maybe the wises of the brothers, but not the smartest. He also was the one who had the idea to fix the world after he and the others destroyed it. He is the wise guy and maybe one of the funniest parody villians (IMO).

Diablo is the middle child of the clones and the second to be defeated by the strawhats. He is the most naive, snobby, rude, and stubborn monster you will ever see. Even if he is the tallest and second eldest, he act younger than the other clones.

Mugen is the third eldest of the clones and the smartest. His defeat will stay unknown til the episode comes out. He has the ultimate plan in store for the One Piece World, but are they ready for it.

Dr. Vegapunk the First was the creator of the Clones and their proclaimed father. The clones have a love/hate relationship with them until they got older and didn't need him anymore. His catchphrase is Yessssssss! (A Beast Wars Reference). He found Gold Roger's hair (Beelzeboss), bone marrow (Diablo), and blood (Mugen) after Gold Rodger's execution. He made the clones to take over the world behind the world government's back. But, every clone after the other had a "flaw" that made them on usable for his plan. After the clones reawaken and destroyed the planet, he helped rebuild the earth with the clones. After almost 4 years of hard work, he went home to his family, keeping his secret about the clones to himself until he has gotten old and insane.


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